Asian Fusion Restaurant

Our dear guests

Welcome to Maguro restaurant and sushi bar.
We hope you will enjoy in dishes prepared by our chefs. We wish Maguro to be a restaurant with Asian cuisine, using local groceries.

Part of our groceries come from the locals, as a flower of salt from Nin saltworks, vegetables come from local family farms and wines from local wineries.

The name MAGURO itself (tuna) tells you that tuna fish will be one of pur main groceries.

Zadar Region in the world is known as region with big number of tuna farms growing bluefin (bluetail) tuna which is one of the most valued anf high quality tunas in the

Tuna that we use in our restaurant is grown close to us in Zadar Archipelago.

We are pleased that you will enjoy in our local tuna and also taste some Mediterranean flavours in asian dishes.

Enjoy our meals.

Your Maguro team.

023 313 870
  Borrelli ulica 10
23000 ZADAR
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