Kung Pao pork
80 kn

sushi rice, slow cooked pork belly, seared and glazed in soy and garlic, spicy chili sauce,
peanut kumin pork fat crumble, spring onions, kimchi, ramen egg, avocado, sriracha

Tuna tartar
110 kn


30 kn

salted or spicy edamame

Salmon salad
75 kn

bread crumb fried salmon filet, mix salad, dashi dressing, avocado, wasabi mayo, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes

Tuna tataki
100 kn

seared maguro tuna, soy sesame sauce, spring onions, togarashi

Tempura shrimps
70 kn

Tiger shrimps fried in tempura mixture. Served with warm tempura sauce

Duck springroll
70 kn

2 spring rolls filled with duck confit, chinese cabbage, carrots, spring onions, vegetables and hoisin sauce, served with sweet chili sauce

Chicken Gyoza
70 kn

5 gyoza dumplings filled with chicken, vegetables, shittake mushrooms, onions and ginger.
Served with soy sauce with sesame oil and rice vinegar

Satay Chicken
65 kn

chicken skewers marinated in coconut milk and spices, then grilled. Served with pickles and satay sauce

Pork Belly Bun
70 kn

2 steamed buns filled with glazed pork belly, kimchi, BBQ sauce, spring onions and chili

Panko roll
70 kn

2 crispy rice rolls, filled with chicken, shrimps, edamame and spring onions. Served with sweet chili sauce

Miso soup
35 kn

japanese soup with miso paste, dashi and soy sauce, spring onions, smoked tofu and wakame

Tom Kha Gai
45 kn

thai coconut and chicken aromatic soup, with mushrooms, cilantro and lime juic

90 kn

japanese chicken soup with home made noodles, soy tare, pork belly, miso chicken, pak choi, bamboo shoots, shiitake mushrooms, enoki, ramen egg and garlic oil

Pad thai with chicken
85 KN

rice noodles, chicken or shrimps, smoked tofu , peanuts, tamarind sauce, egg, mungo beans

Green curry with chicken
85 KN

thai green curry, made with homemade curry paste, marinated chicken thighs, coconut milk and aubergines. Served with rice.

Beef Teriyaki
95 KN

beef strips stirfry with chili paste, green beans, chili, teri

Tikka masala
90 KN

Marinated chicken thighs with tomato coconut tikka sauce. Served with Naan bread

Tuna steak
160 KN

tuna coated in black sesame, seared, katsu sauce, crispy rice, sesame spinach, cilantro wasabi mayo

Hoisin Duck
130 KN

sous vide duck breast, seared, homemade hoisin sauce, glazed pak choi, hummus, pickles

Teriyaki chicken
95 KN

marinated grilled chicken thighs, coated in teriyaki sauce, topped with vegetable julienne and spring onions. Served with rice

160 KN

sousvide beefsteak, glazed in oyster sauce, stirfried vegetables, truffle sauce, pumpkin puree, the grated truffle


Tuna maguro / chuturo
28 KN

1 piece

Tuna otoro
29 KN

1 piece

26 KN

1 piece

24 KN

1 piece

32 KN

1 piece

Gunkan ikura
32 KN



40 KN

shrimp tartare, mayo, cucumber, avocado, tobikko and black sesame

Sake roll
45 KN

lime cream cheese, crispy tempura flakes, avocado, topped with salmon, seared with chili oil, sriracha sauce

Age Ebi
50 KN

avocado, panko fried shrimp, sriracha mayo, tobikko and sesame

55 KN

avocado, raw shrimp, topped with white fish slices, yuzu and olive oil emulsion, wakame powder

Magurp roll
55 KN

goat cream cheese, olives, panko fried shrimp, topped with tuna slices, anchovies

Dragon roll
90 KN

6 pieces. eel, unagi sauce, cucumber, topped with avocado


Tuna Maguro
150 KN

Otoro 100g

100 KN

100 g

White fish
150 KN

100 g

Matcha ice cream
30 KN

matcha icecream, sesame crumble, azuki paste, matcha cookie

Choco miso cake
35 KN

salty caramel, dark chocolate ganche, milk chocolate mousse with miso, choco sponge cake

Mango sorbet
30 KN

mango and passionfruit sorbet, coconut cream, sesame crumble, fresh mango

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